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Each participant of the course is enrolled for 6 months. A participant can spend as much or as little time in the course as he/she likes. Though many hours of optional material are included, most participants who complete the UbD101 course spend about 7-8 hours on course work. Our other courses can be completed in as little as 3 hours.

Yes, we award certificates of completion for each of our courses. In some states (such as New Jersey), you can acquire PD or Continuing Education credit for these courses.

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Indeed! You can sign up any size group of users and we'll put everyone in a course group. We can designate one or more administrators for the group. The administrator can view his/her group's answers to self-tests, blogs, and comment boards. In the UbD101 course, the administrator can also review and comment on the UbD units designed by the members of his/her group.

Yes, it is! Our video is hosted through Vimeo and will play on most devices. Our course website also adjusts itself for mobile users.

In UbD101, we provide a library of almost 250 units in a variety of subjects and grade levels. Within the UbD101 course, there are also case studies and materials aimed at a wide variety of classrooms.

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Absolutely! Our easy registration form will accept purchase orders, credit cards, and checks as payment. When you have the purchase order ready, simply email it to us at the provided address (need help? - contact support) and we will set up your accounts.

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